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Canadian Institute of Marketing "Bureaus" are knowledge exchange places where members can build their networks, hone skills and influence change. They are pages on the Institute's website where members can create virtual special interest spaces to enhance and protect their professional marketer credentials by getting involved in the affairs of the Canadian Institute of Marketing. Bureaus may include regional alignments, market sector interests, cultural sectors and so on, but all are accessible for any member no matter where located on the planet.

Each bureau is managed by a Principal Member (PM) who is appointed by Council. The members of each bureau establish guidelines outlining the interests of the group so that the choice to join lies with every member. Members should  join bureaus related to their particular interests. All members of the Institute may join any bureau. The Executive Director is a member of all bureaus.

Canada is too big a land mass to operate chapters in a 21st century world where technology has closed the communications gap to the point where an online presence is available at any time and any place. Web-based bureaus provide forums for online exchanges.


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