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Frank Shoniker: Marketing professional with experience in planning and developing comprehensive sales and marketing strategies in support of business goals and objectives.
TOPIC: Integrated Marketing Communications

Preetum Anauth: Financial Adviser helping his clients by creating a customized business plan.
TOPIC: Business Planning

An Opinion by Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM

Communicating using the Inverted Pyramid writing style

The inverted pyramid is a style of writing used by newspaper journalists at a time when editors would adjust copy to accommodate space on newspaper sheets. To make room for an article, editors would begin cutting information from the bottom up. I suggest that the style is relevant today, albeit in an expanded notion. In a time when people claim that lifestyles have become more complicated, the art of marketing communications is changing. By means of graphics, video and copy, marketers are messaging audiences through traditional and new media introduced through television, radio and the ‘net. I believe that marketing communications can be more effective if the inverted pyramid is applied to verbal and non-verbal messaging.


John Jackson, MCInst.M
Educator and Education Marketer
WORKTRAIN International

Grant Lee, FCInst.M., RPM
Consulting Marketer
AGL Marketing Limited

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Chief Operating Officer
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