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The challenge is recruiting youth aged 12 into the ranks of the local air cadet squadron in September of each year. Community awareness is a must, along with promotion of the program to children and their parents/grandparents. There is a graduation ceremony each June for the older youth as they age out of the program or enter colleges and university. Promotion and recruitment is commonly left up to word of mouth and visualization at various community events from September through June. Traditionally there is no recruitment or marketing through the summer months (July and August) when students and families take summer vacation. If the ranks fall below a critical mass, the program can be cancelled. It is up to parents working with local officers of the program to fund the program and build the ranks each year.

Solution: The concept of an avatar from the movie “Avatar” was developed into a marketing tactic that was both visual and tactile. Grant Lee of AGL Marketing came up with the idea of building a life-sized cutout of a 12-year-old dressed in uniform, handing out a message to passer byes about the value of the program. The cutout would have a unique hook to capture the attention of children and adults alike.

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Market Intelligence Magic

In the first three months of the relationship between Abitibi Geophysics and Superior Image Communications, the client needed specific media “things” done – a grand opening, invitations sent to dignitaries, catering and event planning, some signage and invitations sent, the usual tactics of an initial contact with a client that would be somewhat nervous to share any real information.

The first contact piece would need a certain look – which we and every other company in the business could produce, easily. Superior Image Communications presented the first concept of making significant change; establishing trust with the client, making things perfect at every stage without a detail being missed.A comprehensive list of invitees in the mining business was provided, as well as a researched list of key government officials and dignitaries. Superior Image Communications created an event which was classy, helping to tell a story about who the company is.

The President of Abitibi Geophysics approached the lead consulting marketer, Kevin Palmer- asking questions about the marketing plan that he’s read about on the Superior Image Communications site. (

Abitibi furnished Superior Image Communications with a list of 30 of their best clients. Working with the management group, the Superior Image Communications team formulated 20 questions to ask these clients which would reveal key market differentiation for Abitibi and provide the path to restoring uniqueness factors in the minds of the key prospects for Abitibi. Superior Image Communications wanted to use the existing client information to derive new strategies to reach other, similar “best client types” as defined by higher dollar spend, better word-of-mouth generators, less headaches while doing the work, great rapport, easy to deal with, pay their bills right away and so forth.

Superior Image Communications would take all the responses to the questions, group them into three or four folders of similar best clients, then analyze the data producing an “average attitude” from the responses.

Find out how Abitibi Geophysics can expect to be front and center in the mind’s eye of quality prospective clients, predicated on a sound knowledge of their existing best customer. They can expect increases in sales within a fifteen month period, reduction in stray marketing expenditures, and a full complement of guerilla marketing tactics designed to not outspend the competition, but out-think them based on a solid ever-changing marketing and media plan.

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