Student Marketers

This page is for student marketers to share knowledge about special interests in marketing, new tactics, technology applications and strategic thinking. Students can join the Institute when they have reached their second year of study or later.

Student Member
A second term student registered in and attending an accredited college or university with a marketing program.
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What's in it for me?

  • Raising the value of your personal brand.
  • The first step in becoming accredited as a professional marketer and a registered professional marketer
  • The prestige in being affiliated with a value-based professional marketing organization.
  • Contributing to raising the awareness and respect in Canada for your future profession as a marketer.
  • Opportunities to dialogue.
  • Blog on the Institute's facebook and LinkedIn sites.
  • Publish student essays on the Web site and in Marketing Canada.
  • Affiliation with an ethics-based organization.
  • International audience and connections.
  • Job and project leads.
  • Webinars periodically offered for learning and broadcast of annual meeting.
  • Online networking and connections with professional marketers for career development and coaching.



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